Frequently asked questions

Do you work on truck parts exclusively?

Due to the much larger aftermarket products for cars, it has been a slow transition. But we are certainly moving into that direction! All of our car products will be for Domestic (Ford, Chevy, & Chrysler) 2002 & up with a focus on sport cars.

I have my own idea for a custom spoiler, can you help?

Absolutely! The fact that we use 3D CAD we can turn your idea into a visual item and get it made. We have also worked with customers who have a specific design that they want us to fabricate. You give us your design criteria and we can fabricate it per your specs.

Are aesthetics spoilers and splitters the only thing you guys do?

For the most part, Yes. However, we can and have designed competition/racing spoilers. Such as SCCA compliant spoilers as well as custom spoiler based on customers specs.


We typically don’t fully sponsor. There are certain requirements and conditions that must be reviewed and approved before we consider to do any sponsorships. Please contact us at kdesignswings@gmail.com for more information.

Do you attend auto shows?

Due to the high demand of our products; it has become more and more difficult to attend car/truck shows. But we try to attend when possible.